For years, I wanted a mahogany coin cabinet. However, price and the lack of a domestic source prevented me from having one. I decided that if I wanted one, I would have to build it myself.

So I bought some mahogany on ebay and set about building one with the basic power tools I already
owned. I showed it to several friends, both collectors and non-collectors, who all encouraged me to build and offer them to other collectors, and a handful of them even asked me to build one for them.

As I am not a cabinet maker or carpenter and do woodworking strictly as a hobby, once I decided to take my friends' advice, I had to invest a
decent amount of money in additional tools necessary to build the cabinets in a manner that provides for both quality and consistency of the finished product. I then had to locate local sources for mahogany. And mahogany is not the type of wood that you can just drive on down to your local Home Depot or Lowes and buy. But fortunately there are several sources for exotic woods in the D/FW Metroplex that carry....with some regularity....a decent selection of mahogany.

Every board is hand selected for color, grain pattern and overall quality. Each piece for every cabinet is individually measured, cut, fitted, assembled, and finished. The trays are the most time consuming component, as each one is fitted to its cabinet. The coin recesses are drilled one at a time, and the felts individually inserted by hand. Building of each cabinet requires approximately thirty individual steps and activities to complete.

My goal is to build cabinets that give us average collectors the ability to showcase our collections in the manner that many prominent and wealthy collectors of the 19th and early 20th centuries did, yet at a reasonable price.

Your purchase of one of these cabinets is a one time investment which will provide a life long means of proudly housing and displaying one's collection. I am certain you will derive much enjoyment....and hopefully a little bit of pride....from displaying your collection in one.