Hand crafted mahogany cabinets for collectors of coins, tokens, and medals.
Welcome! On these pages you will find information about the handcrafted mahogany cabinets I build as a hobby, for collectors of coins, tokens, medals, etc..

For centuries, mahogany has been the wood of choice for cabinets used to house collections by both individual collectors and many museums, a practice that continues even to this day.

The cabinets are constructed from 100% solid mahogany. There are absolutely no veneers, plywood, or filler woods used anywhere in the construction of these cabinets....only 100% solid mahogany.

All exterior cabinet surfaces and the trays are sealed with a clear, satin finish,
water-based finish to both enhance the natural beauty of the mahogany and protect the surfaces from fingerprints, staining, etc.. There are no dyes or stains used on the cabinets. Cork pads on the bottom help protect furniture surfaces and prevent the cabinet from sliding.

The trays are crafted from solid mahogany and slide securely into 1/4 inch deep channels cut directly into the side panels. The trays measure approximately 9-3/4 inches wide by 8-1/2" deep by 1/2" thick. Each tray is fitted with two polished solid brass knobs for easy access. The bottom of each recess is lined with soft felt, available in either green or red. Examples of each can be seen on the GALLERY page.

The optional cabinet doors are also constructed from solid mahogany and are held closed by magnetic catches which provide enough holding power to keep the doors from opening on their own, but not too much so as to require excessive effort to open them. You can see an example above on the right.